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The 5 Best Classical Guitar Songs For Beginners – Easy To Moderate

In this article, we will explore five classical guitar songs for beginners. These songs are easy to learn and will teach you the basics of playing the instrument.

The number of people who play the guitar is on the rise. The guitar is an instrument that can be played by both children and adults alike, and it’s a great way to pass time.

If you’re interested in learning how to play the classical guitar, there are some basic songs that you can learn first.

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of what song is best for your skill level.

best classical guitar songs for beginners

learn guitar at an old age

things to consider

As a beginner in the world of classical guitar, it is really important not to try to play hard pieces in the early stages.

The reason is you might find them too hard and get frustrated with the whole thing! I have this many times over and over, and the result is quitting the guitar.

We don’t want this to happen.

The best approach is to learn easy songs to keep your fingers moving and build your repertoire – a fancy word for songs that you can easily play.

The other thing to consider is even if you play childish pieces in the beginning, which most books and courses start with as classical guitar songs for beginners, you should do your best to play these songs very well.

There are many things you can refine with these simple songs, like:

  • The Tempo: Try to play it with a metronome at a speed of 50 bpm, then increase the speed gradually until you can hit 80 or more.

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  • Dynamics: Don’t just play the whole piece flat from start to finish. Adding some dynamics can dramatically enhance the feeling of what you play.
  • Play from memory: Playing the piece from the music sheet is one thing, and playing it from memory is another. Develop your memory skills right from the beginning by memorizing these simple songs.

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As you can see there is a lot of work you can do with these easy tunes to refine your tone and technique.

So here is the list of the 5 best classical guitar songs for beginners ascending in difficulty.

#1 Lambada

Free Sheet MusicClick here.

Click here to download the backing track.

We all know it and we love it.

Lambada was a hit song in 1989 and is still one of the best dance songs to listen (or dance) to. The sheet music might look intimidating for a beginner as it contains a mix of rhythms.

This is an easy song to play if you have been learning classical guitar for 2 to 3 months. The notes are not that difficult, and we only play on the first 4 strings, from the high E (1st string) to D (4th string).

The rhythm covered here is whole, half, quarter, eighth, and dotted quarter notes.

#2 Minuet in G by J.S.Bach

Free Sheet MusicClick here.

The second song we have in our list of best classical guitar songs for beginners is by one of the greatest composers of all time, Johann Sebastian Bach.

It is a nice tune on any instrument because the harmony on the notes is unique, we are talking about Bach here!

The rhythm is simple. Just half, quarter, and eighth notes.

However, there is a key signature at the beginning which is F#. Meaning all the Fs in the piece will be sharpened.

The F# in bar number 7 might be a little awkward in the beginning, as you have to stretch your little pinky to get it, which is uncomfortable for most beginners.

Also, the tempo is 92 bpm which is a little fast –  between Andante and Moderato.
I strongly suggest that you get familiar with the scale of G major in the first 3 strings, or even better if you can play the scale on all the strings.

Here is a picture of the G major scale in case you want to practice it.

classical guitar songs for beginners
G Major Scale

#3 Andantino – Study by Matteo Carcassi

Free Sheet MusicClick here

Andantino is a classical guitar study by one of the masters of the instrument, Matteo Carcassi. In this study, the focus is on playing two strings with the thumb (p), and middle finger (m) at the same time.

At the same time, after you play both strings you will play the 3rd string G open with your index finger (i) as an accompaniment.

Make sure that the main melody voice is louder than the G string.

This is a step up as the previous two pieces did not have an accompaniment, only one voice.

The accompaniment here adds to the melody, as the piece is in the key of C major (no key signature), and it is a happy melody.

The G note is the fifth note of the C major scale (C – D – E – F – G), which we call the dominant of the scale.

Ok, let’s move on.

#4 Malagueña – Spanish Traditional

Free sheet musicClick here.

Malagueña is a traditional Spanish piece that may be the most famous tune on guitar! Even if you don’t play guitar, you probably know it.

The song is quite impressive for a beginner to play who has been learning only for 3 or 4 months, especially if you can manage to play it fast!

There are countless versions of this song, from beginner to elite guitarists. The version I choose here is the one from the London College of Music exam for classical guitar.

The main technique here is controlling the thumb (p) to play the main melody. Usually, the thumb plays the bass strings, but in this song, it will play the treble strings, so it is quite unusual and it will take some practice.

#5 Adagio – Leonhard Von Call

Free sheet musicClick here.

Free sheet musicClick here.

The last song in the best 5 classical guitar songs for beginners is Adagio by Leonhard Von Call. This one is not a famous piece and probably this is the first time you hear of this composer!

The important thing here is the piece itself.

Adagio means performed in slow time. So it is a slow piece, which is good as the piece has many techniques.

The most important technique here is switching between the first and the third position.

A position on the guitar corresponds to where you are placing your first finger. For example, if the first finger is on the 3rd fret, this means you are in the 3rd position.

This is how we cover the entire fretboard with only 4 fingers, by going from one position to the other.


How do we know which position to go to?

On the sheet music, you will find Roman numbers above the notes. These indicate the position you should be on.

This is crucial as there are many notes that can be played in the first position as well as others. For example, what is the difference between the C note on the 1st fret 2nd string (first position), and the C note on the 5th fret 3rd string (fifth position)?

The tone. Although these two notes are identical on the sheet music and the pitch, their tone is “slightly” different.

The other thing that you should work on for this particular piece as a beginner is the dynamics.

This piece is full of them, piano, mezzo-piano, mezzo-forte, crescendo, decrescendo, and rallentando!


So these are 5 good classical guitar songs for beginners to practice and work on your technique as well as other aspects we discussed in this post.

Feel free to leave any comments down here and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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