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Benefits of Learning Guitar – Does Learning Guitar Change Our Attitudes?

Not all the benefits of learning guitar can be measured

Research on the benefits of learning guitar or music, in general, is often related to benefits that can be measured or written in the form of statistics and results. But musicians and music teachers have experienced many benefits of learning guitar or music that cannot be easily measured.

These benefits include, but are not limited to:

Discipline improved

More than any other activity, playing a musical instrument teaches you the importance of discipline. Over time, practicing the instrument will become an important part of your daily activity, and you will make time to practice the guitar (or any other musical instrument).

Many music teachers and I myself have seen the effect of this daily activity on a child’s personality, and the difference between children who learn guitar and children who play video games is a terrible difference in behavior and discipline!

This discipline also reflects positively on the behavior of the child in the classroom, or the young man in the lecture hall. Discipline is a key factor in success, whatever field you study or work in, and one of the most important benefits of learning guitar is to improve this skill, which cannot be studied in a class or acquired from a book.

Focus on long-term goals

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One of the immediate consequences of learning any musical instrument is a long-term vision. Your guitar progression is measured in years or thousands of hours you practice, not months or weeks.

It doesn’t make sense to worry about the results you will achieve in the first month or two since you start playing the guitar. Even if you encounter obstacles or difficult pieces to play, your thinking will shift from “I can’t play this,” to “I will be able to play this in the next few months.”

Although this principle can be frustrating for you if you are at the beginning of your guitar-playing journey, it is actually very encouraging to know that there are no obstacles that can stand in the way of continuous practice.

Great achievements take a long time, and learners who realize this fact and keep it in mind often succeed in all areas of life, not just the guitar, and this is one of the most powerful benefits of learning the guitar.

self respect

Whatever challenges you face in life, whether it’s an injury, work stress, or life stress, when you take the time to play your favorite tunes, it sends signals to your brain that you value and respect yourself.

All of these challenges can affect you, but they will never get you. Perhaps this is the reason why the musicians on the Titanic played until the last moment!

benefits of learning the guitar

Benefits of learning guitar in relieving stress

There is a link between practicing an instrument and reducing stress in general. There is also research that listening to music effectively lowers blood pressure. Pressure is a formidable force that can affect anyone at any time. It can demolish homes, destroy jobs and even shorten lives.

There are some lucky people who have a “stress vaccination” who don’t realize that guitar practicing, pets, or hiking protects against the evils of stress. Perhaps your guitar playing is the reason you got through life’s stresses and you didn’t know it!

Different Types Of Stress

improving brain function

One of the most important benefits of learning guitar, which has been proven by scientific research, is the improvement of brain function. For children, they found a strong link between music training and improvement in the learning process in general.

As for the elderly, they found a significant improvement in mental ability and improved memory.

Although the benefits differ according to the age and experience gained, it is logical to say that studying music has the power to change people’s minds. There are many articles and media in this field that describe the benefits of practicing a musical instrument.

Uncertain Benefits of Learning Guitar

Practicing playing a musical instrument and playing the instrument for years will prove to you over time that there are many unknown benefits. If you talk to people who have been playing for 10 years or more, you will hear many stories and personal experiences about their development in their ideas, inclinations, and their lives in general.


There are many benefits to learning guitar or any musical instrument without a doubt, whether benefits are scientifically proven or not conclusively proven.

You may discover benefits that have personally benefited you that I did not mention here. If this happens to you, please write your personal experience in the comments, and remember that it is not too late to learn guitar, just start now and you will discover the benefits of learning guitar with time.

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