You are currently viewing 4 Essential Guitar Accessories For Beginners – Do they make you a better guitarist?

4 Essential Guitar Accessories For Beginners – Do they make you a better guitarist?

Guitar Accessories For Beginners

In this article, we will learn about the basic guitar accessories for beginners that every guitarist should have.

Even if you are at the beginning of your journey with the guitar, these accessories will save you some of the trouble that you will encounter, especially at the beginning of the journey.

Let’s find out what these luxuries are:

guitar accessories for beginners

Guiar Tuner

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Even if you have a mobile app that helps you tune your guitar, like the Guitar Tuna app that I always recommend in my videos, you need a separate guitar tuner for several reasons:

First: Most modern tuners are not affected by external sounds, but rather take the sound from the wood of the guitar itself, unlike the application that takes the sound from the mobile microphone.

If you have another instrument or even a TV next to you, this can affect the accuracy of the adjustment.

Second: if you play in a band or a place, it is almost impossible to be able to tune the guitar through the mobile application due to the number of sounds in the place.

Which one should you buy?

Depends on your budget. There are lots of brands out there and most of them are decently cheap. I myself use Boss TU-01 Tuner and Metronome.
It’s a tuner and a metronome with many features but most importantly, you can change the beat from quarter note to triblet or even 16th notes.

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Here is me doing a full review about it:

Music Stand

You will need one soone or later

A music stand is not just a device to put paper or a book on. Yes, this is its main function if you are going to play from a book or a sheet of music, or even an iPad.

But think of the music stand as a symbol of where you’ll practice your guitar, wherever you’ll put it that’s where you’ll be practicing.

It is also a great place to put a pick, a guitar tuner, a pen to take notes, a practice journal to write down your practicing notes – see the article on effective ways to play guitar without looking at music.

Which one should you buy?

There are two types of music stands, light and heavy.
If you travel a lot with the guitar and want a holder with you to put music on, I recommend the light type because it is easy to fold and put in the guitar bag.

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But if you only play at home or your studio, the heavy stand should be your choice because it is larger and accommodates heavy books.

A Guitar Case

Why it’s important?

Do you really need a reason to buy a guitar case?! Well, to save the guitar from dust, rain, and bumps. Even if you don’t travel with the guitar a lot, the bag will keep the guitar from damage, moisture, and dust in the house.

Which one should you buy?

There are many and varied forms, but in the end, there are 3 categories:

  • Soft Case: A light bag that is not lined and is considered the cheapest type.
  • Soft Padded: Padded interior bag with many pockets.
  • Hard Case: A strong case on the outside to withstand severe shocks.

Depending on the guitar you have, if it is an expensive guitar, you do not want a light, unpadded guitar case because this type of guitar keeps the guitar from dust only, but not from shocks.

There is, of course, the Hard-Case, and it is considered the most important bag that saves the guitar from all damages, especially if you are traveling by plane and the guitar with you.

There are many guitar cases that are padded on the inside and they are very practical and inexpensive. It also has pockets for keeping music books and a light guitar stand.

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Another thing you should know is that every type of guitar has a different bag. If you want an acoustic guitar bag, you should try it with the guitar, because most of the bags on the market are designed for classical guitars, and as you know, the acoustic guitar is much larger than the classic guitar.

Guitar accessories for beginners are not luxeries

There are things that I did not mention in this article, for example, an extra string set with you in case you cut one of the strings, a separate metronome even if you have one in the mobile, you do not want the phone next to you while you are practicing so as not to interrupt your focus.

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A guitar stand to put the guitar on to be in front of you will save you the trouble of opening the case to take it from it, or of accidentally dropping the guitar from you, God forbid!

You might say guitar accessories are luxuries, especially for beginners and I won’t need them, I just want to play the guitar.

But believe me, if you are really serious about learning guitar you will need all of the above, but you don’t have to buy them all on the same day!

Buy today what you really need and it will make the road easier for you, make a plan in the future to acquire all of the above and you will notice the difference in the peace of mind you will get and your focus on what is important which is guitar practicing and how it became productive.

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[…] There are essential accessories that will make your life much easier in practicing land, you can learn more about them by reading the article “4 Essential Guitar Accessories For Beginners“. […]