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classical guitar essentials

Classical Guitar Courses

Great for total beginners and contain 7 modules

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Acoustic Guitar Courses

Great if you want to learn chords and songs

all our courses feature

step by step

ALL exercises are played at a slow speed to practice at your own pace.

music theory

Basic music theory is included in every course.

Two Cameras

With both hands on screen, you will never get lost or miss a note!

Classical Guitar Repertoire

A unique selection of guitar pieces from different examination boards.

pdf workbook

Contains all the exercises we are going to cover.

complete roadmap

We start at “Level 0” until you become a confident player.

Hany Gamal


Hi, I am Hany Gamal I am a full-time guitar teacher. I studied guitar with The Royal School of Music, and I finished Grade 8 Classical Guitar back in 2004. I helped thousands of students learn guitar online with my top rated courses. I live in Egypt and I am the representative for RSL awards, aka Rockshcool.

warm-up exercises for classical guitar

Right and left-hand techniques for beginners and intermediate players including notes and TABS.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely! I designed these courses for you so you can start with knowing nothing, to become a pro player.

Yes! I have taught thousands of students how to play guitar online from scratch and you have nothing to worry about. Please refer to our testimonials section.

Yes. You must have a classical (AKA Spanish Guitar) to follow along. Any guitar will do, but classical guitar is the best for these courses.

No. I will teach you how to read standard sheet music, and music theory along the journey. Don’t worry, we will take it step by step.

You have 30 days money back guaranty by Udemy, you can refund the money no questions asked.
However, If you are serious about learning classical guitar, I am sure you will find these courses to be an excellent tool to learn.

Yes we do. There are courses for Acoustic & Electric guitar as well. Click here to see them.